While I was playing around with the LEGO® Star Wars models I thought about what I could be doing next. I decided on this project. LEGO® Lord of the Rings. As far as I was aware it had not been done, and my love for LEGO® and LOTR was an amazing mix and opportunity for me. Starting this project meant I would have to adapt my modelling style to accommodate for props, characters and scenes. 

The hardest part about these models was the texturing, I had to make a guess at how the clothes would look LEGO® style from screen shots from the films.

On this page you will find everything that I have created to date, with new models being completed every couple of days. Every object you see on this page has been modelled by myself. I have used online references for textures. I also downloaded some fonts from http://www.thehutt.de/tolkien/fonts.html so thanks to the creators of the fonts. 

To teach myself how to use Autodesk Maya I decided to start some more Lego projects. Below is the result of one of them. I followed a tutorial that was written for use with 3ds Max and then worked around the differences between the two programs and came up with the Lego Snowspeeder. I followed the tutorial for the modelling only, I had to mess around with the materials and the render settings myself until I found something that I really liked.

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