My first move into 3D modelling came about a year ago while I was working at a school in Dover, Kent. I made some friends who made MODs for sci-fi game such as Star Trek and Star Wars. From them I found out about Blender. So later that week I went home and downloaded it. after a few gruesome weeks of hard work (around my job) I managed to create my very first model. I created a ship. I was fairly basic, but I was very proud of it. Then after a little more time I created a second ship. This one was a bit more complex, but still used fairly basic shapes. These two ships can be seen below.

Then I joined T2G and started using 3ds Max. I started to see 3D modelling in a different light. Things got more difficult. My first set of models in Max were terrible. Take a look for yourself... 

After I completed the household models part of the T2G course I had to attempt a model of a car. The first model I created was very basic. But slowly I taught myself how to better model them. I spent months alone just modelling vehicles. and slowly got better and better. Below are my car models, from the 2nd model to the most recent. (I will not post the first, it's a little embarrassing)   

Once I had a few good looking cars under my belt I set to work on creating a Garage to show them off in. Below are the results. This was the first time I had modelled the interior of a building. It was a big step for me, I had to work out the best lighting for each section of the garage. I then decided to add the cars to the garage to show off the lighting and the work I had achieved.

Next came an idea to create an outdoor scene. With as little experience I had at lighting an outdoor scene this project has been abandoned until I can come back to it with a bit more knowledge of lighting setups and texturing techniques, even some new modelling ideas. Below are the models I created before I decided to hold the project.

I then went back to the sci-fi for a while. A bit obsessed I created a few models that never really had any meaning.

In this section I also created the starship Voyager from the TV series "Star Trek: Voyager" to the best of my ability. 

More recently I have been trying to create more acceptable models. Firstly I should mention that models in this section are all WIP's at the moment, but I plan on using them to help me learn new techniques. First up is the human, previous attempts at this failed miserably. When I came back to it about a week ago, this was the result.

Also in this section is an interior scene for a cathedral (or a great hall). Again, this is a WIP, which I intend on finishing within the next week or so.


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